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​OT Making a Difference

An Opportunity for Education & Social Impact

The occupational therapy (OT) education program requires a Master’s Level degree for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the OT job market. Students must pass an occupational therapy national board exam to practice OT.


OT practitioners can assist children in developing their daily occupations at home or at school.  There are many research studies that show the effectiveness of OT for children who have some developmental issues such as, but not limited to hand writing.  OT treatment with the collaboration of teachers has led to improved handwriting legibility in students with poor handwriting legibility (Case-Smith, 2002). OT is also much needed for adults who are in need of regaining their daily functional occupational skills after an injury, surgery, or accident. Recent research showed the importance of OT in dealing with this population in a randomized controlled study that emphasized how OT can provide significant benefits for older adults (Clark et al, 1997).





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